Mjerenje morfološke produktivnosti akronima u engleskom jeziku – onomasiološki pristup


  • Maja M. Žarković




morphological productivity, onomasiological theory, acronymy


Modern measuring of morphological productivity of word-formation processes is dominated by Baayen’s formulas and together with them only one word-formation process – derivation. In order to avoid derivation-centered analysis of such a complex phenomenon as morphological productivity, more attention was directed towards word-formation rules, which led to the appearance of onomasiological theory. Onomasiological approach goes frommeaning towards formin word-formation analyses and focuses on a speaker and speech community. Productive word-formation processes are the ones responsible for the formation of multiple different semantic concepts. The aim of the paper is to use onomasiological approach proposed by Štekauer to analyse the interaction among word-formation rules that dominate a secondary word- formation process such as acronymy and to find frequent and speakers’ useful ways of naming. Newspaper, literary, academic and television registers as well as statistic with descriptive and analytic methods confirm our inital hypothesis that speakers would use word-formation rules that dictate interaction among elements necessary for the formation of acronyms in English for forming multiple different semantic concepts, which would classify this process as productive.


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