The wish of the "Philología" Association founders is to offer an opportunity to young scholars and researchers in the field of philology and other social sciences to present their activities to the general public and their colleagues, and thus affirm their own work and disciplines they pursue. By supporting the publication of scientific and professional papers various in kind and size, the presentation of achieved results in the form of papers and lectures at meetings, conferences, symposiums, and seminars, the Association will offer young researchers a chance to gain invaluable experience and thus set preconditions for further productive work on their own improvement. The programmes, projects, initiatives, and regular activities of the Association give the members and associates the possibility to establish and intensify mutual contacts, exchange their knowledge and experience, as well as to plan, organise, and develop cooperation among themselves and with other associations, organisations, and institutions.


      In order to realize these ideas, the Association publishes short scientific papers and other articles of its members, associates, and colleagues in the "Philología" journal, while the book publishing activity makes possible the publication of monographic works, textbook literature, and other teaching material, as well as other full-length volumes. The Association's Homepage offers its members an opportunity to present their biographies and bibliographies, and their research results and achievements.The section meetings - Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Section and Literary Studies Section - represent a regular occasion for talks and reports, as well as for discussions on the presented and other scientific and profesional topics.

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